HC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 2007, starting from the production of herbal beverages which has gained knowledge of making herbs from China

In 2552, the company was incorporated and began to develop more beverages in various forms, making beverages, ginseng juice, black galingale juice, fruit juice drinks and tea in various packaging such as glass bottles, PET bottles and developed in the production of various sterilization systems such as pasteurite and sterile.

In 2010, We started to produce beverages for those interested in selling their own brand products.

In 2011, We began to export our products which are our formulars to neighboring countries by ourselves.

In 2014, We began to produce the beverages for export in the Middle East.

Contract manufacturing business

It is a line of work which our company is responsible for producing beverages and food supplements for customers with modern machines and experienced team. In order for the clients to have more confident in the products produced from our company. The products will have high quality and cleanliness safe for consumers.

We are running a business related to health products. It is a factory that has been registered for 2 licenses from the Ministry of Public Health.

• Beverage and fruit juice production license
• Production license for dietary supplement products


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